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Making Your Project Successful In A Changing World

Arnold Consulting Engineering Services is an engineering and design firm located in Bowling Green, KY. We partner with school systems, transportation agencies, industrial clients and municipalities to create customized engineering solutions for a wide range of lifestyles and industries. Since 2006, ACES has been dedicated to the development of creating cost efficient solutions for every type of civil engineering project imaginable.

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ACES offers a comprehensive advantage. We provide surveying, environmental compliance, transportation design, site design, geotechnical engineering, landscape architecture and construction materials testing.


ACES’ engineers have hands-on training and experience in the field. Our staff understands that practical solutions are critical to solving client's engineering problems.

About Us

With over a century of experience, ACES’ team members have demonstrated that they are highly responsive. Our team will provide the knowledge and support needed to address all aspects of your project.

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